Devin The Dude: Acoustic Levitation Tour W/ Jarv Dee & All-Star Opera

I was contatced by Jarv Dee a Seattle-based music artist to shoot his set at the Devin The Dude: Acoustic Levitation Tour at The Crocodile. Here are a few shots from the show ( a detailed breakdown of the event including acts such as All-star Opera & Devin The Dude will be coming soon)



Coffee In Seattle

I had the pleasure of attending my first coffee tasting hosted by Kalsada in partnership with Beanspire Coffee. The event showcased a variety of different coffee beans grown and produced in Asia. I am not a coffee lover and prefer a cup of tea but I truly enjoyed being educated about the different flavors & benefits of coffee. The event hosts were knowledgeable and assisted everyone with any questions. Below are a few highlights from the event! 


The Cruw - Dance Video BTS

I had the pleasure of capturing behind the scene shot's for The Cruw x The Folks. A local group of female and male choreographers in the Seattle area. To shoot a video choreography for 88 Rising an online art and music publication. Special, thank you to Jessica Hu for the invitation and everyone on set for being amazing! Video Directed By Brain Hu.

I also created a few social media promotional assets using Instagram's Hyperlapse and Boomerang app to use for Instagram Stories. Below are the clips! 

Night Shift At Chop Suey (Event Recap)

On April 14, Night Shift hosted a two building nomadic dance party at Chop Suey and Love City Love. I had the pleasure of document a few of the highlight inside Chop Suey. Below are a few recaps from the event! Also, if your ever in Seattle come out to a Night Shift party and say Hi  

Below are a few promo snippets for the show promoted on Instagram Stories a week prior to the event. The goal of the videos was to promote the event and also to increase engagement, impressions, and reach on NightShifts IG Stories. The individual videos Posts grow a lot of users to view the upcoming content and increased ticket sales for the event. Below are the three videos used for promotions. 

Lex - Mad Talent (Performance Recap)

Had the opportunity to accompany Lex Tillery (L.E.X) a good friend of mine and a music artist that I currently manage to Olympia, Washington. The objective of the trip was to perform at Mad Talent. A bi-monthly event hosted by PNW booking. At the performance, L.E.X debuted songs from his upcoming project. The nights started off usual we started our trip down to the event venue from Tacoma around 7 pm and arrived at Le Voyeur a cafe and bar in downtown Olympia at 9 pm. Le Voyeur had a unique style that is completely different from Seattle music venues. As you enter the Le Voyeur you wouldn't think it was a music venue. But when you start walking down towards the back. The venue turns into a small event space fully equipped with a raised stage, track lights, microphones, DJ set, and to top it all of a disco ball. The crowd was energized and engaging allowing L.E.X and me to feel at home. Special, thank you again to all the people that came to the event and showed love to L.E.X and me. Also, thank you to Mercedes and PNW booking for hosting a fantastic event! Below are a few recaps from Mad Talent!

Here is a quick snippet of L.E.X's performance. Shot on a IPhone 6s & edited using iMovie mobile app. 

Portrait Session: N`dia Prettyman


I had the pleasure to shoot with a new and upcoming model by the name of N`dia Prettyman in Capitol Hill. Before scheduling the shoot N`dia and I curated a joint mood board on Pinterest. Which helped us brainstorm ideas and share our unique styles with one another. As a photographer, I know that every shoot is different for everyone. So it is helpful to create a mood board with clients to achieve a unique perspective. 

Even with all the planning in the world things change while your in the moment. The ability to use the environment around you is by far my favorite part of shooting. Mainly, because as we walked around the neighborhood we we`re drawn to different buildings, alleyways, and stores with interesting details and colors. 

Below are a few shots from the shoot. My intended objective was to place and capture N`dia in a natural setting while also detailing her unique style and look. Enjoy!


In addition, I also choice to use one of the shots from our shoot as a visual cover for Back & Forth Vol.2 a mix curated by Twodrsdwn exclusive on Soundcloud. Take a listen below!

Ice Cream Thursdae Vol. 4 - Rhythmic Canvas

I had the pleasure to go to an art gallery hosted by Jessica Hu (Jess2Sick) in partnership with Central District Ice Cream Company. The event was the fourth installment in Hu`s Ice Cream Thursdae series. The series host`s artists, poets, and producer skilled in painting and illustrations. The fourth volume in the series featured artists Deeplemon, Gab Did It, The Zkunks, and Perry Paints. Live music was provided by Protoype Sessions. The theme highlighted a new perspective of the featured artists, and demonstrate how an artist's identity can incorporate multiple facets of creativity. 

I truly enjoy the art gallery and encourage you to stay tuned for the next one! Below are a few shots I captured while at the event. 

Visit Central District Ice Cream Company


Nightshift x Jet Seattle Take over Q Nightclub

I had the honor to take a few shots for my close friends and Dj's She`s Gucci, HansmJustin, Tony Snark, and Ross Monroe at Q Nightclub for Nightshift and Jet Seattle. I strategized before the event started by focusing on the artists / Dj's while they were performing. The end goal was to highlight the artists and create promotional material for the web, social, and personal branding.

Special thank you to Justin Av (HansmJustin) for the opportunity and Q Nightclub staff for being accommodating. 

She Gucci Takes The Stage

Portrait Session: Ryan Walker

I collaborated with my good friend Ryan Walker to shoot a few style shots around Downtown Ballard. I enjoy working with Ryan because he has a great taste in styling which you can see shine throughout the shoot. 

This shoot was unplanned and we went into shooting while walking around the Ballard Farmers Market. As we walked around I artistically decided to shoot Ryan in front of colorful and minimal backdrops. This allowed for a unique blend within the environment.

Thank you, Ballard, I will be back again! 


Follow Ryan Walker On Instagram @walkoflife503

The Head Spot Barbershop

I was commissioned by Joel Cabrera & Timothy Phan for The Head Spot Barbershop, a local Seattle barbershop recently opened in the Sodo District. 

I was in charge of photographing the space, barbers and curating an overall theme for the shoot. 

Joel, Tim and I decided to shoot in the Head Spot Barbershop to highlight their workspace and day to day operations. We focused on the diverse nature of the space by having the barbers/ models interact in a casual atmosphere while getting a haircut. Authenticity was the key!


The Head Spot Barbershop  // 4121 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134 // Tue - Sat 10am-7pm  

*** Schedule an Appointment with Joel & Tim Now At The Head Spot Barbershop




Seattle Gents x Art of Shaving

I was commissioned by Seattle Gents a Seattle menswear collective to document their event in collaboration with Art of Shaving a worldwide organization with a product line that spans from simple shave gels to the ultimate men's grooming gift set.

Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.
— Gianni Versace
A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgotten all about them.
— Hardy Amies
Style is the perfection of a point of view.
— Richard Eberhart

Dubsea Coffee

My first visit to Dubsea Coffee was the best experience I have ever had. The coffee shop nestled in the heart of White Center. Has an atmosphere like no other. I was taken away with the attention to detail and amount of local art inside the shop. In addition, the baristas at Dubsea are well knowledgable about different drink options. My favorite drinks to order are Chia tea (with different syrups depending on my mood) , a Mocha latte, and lastly a traditional hot chocolate to warm me up in the winter. If your ever in white center and need a warm inviting space to get work done or just meet with friends please stop by Dubsea Coffee! 


Dubsea Coffee  // 9910 8th Ave SW, Seattle  // Mon-Fri 6am-7pm, Sat/Sun 7am-7pm // website